NEW: Version 3.0.2 released  on December 7, 2012.


Erdély mod


for Knights of Honor

This modofication was made for a strategy game Knights of Honor by Black Sea Studios.The modification improves some game play elements, by adding a new building, fixing some bugs and adding new knigdoms.

The 3.0.0 version adds a new province to the game!

The mod contains the „no intro fix” mod as well! If you want to remove this, delete the extracted „movies” folder only! This mod is for free, and made for the 1.05 version of the game. If you play this with the previous versions, it may causes random game errors and/or quits.

You can download the official game patches below.

Pagans get their own religious buildings

So what "Erdély mod" offers you?

- Improved AI and gameplay

New playable kingdoms in every era

- Pagan religous buildings
- New nation names, such as Finnish, Celtic nations, Portugese, Dutch etc.
- A new Scottish province
- Unit changes and balances
- Knights changes, "Builder" and "Farmer" now can be useful.

- Bug fixes

...and many more!

More information about the changes can be found here

English - Magyar

Download the "Erdély mod" from here

Download - Letöltés

A little mod which makes your terrain more colorful

by feillyne

Download - Letöltés

Download the official game patches

Patch 1.03 - Patch 1.05

Modding tools

Knights of Honor map converter by Mephistopheles


PakMan for Knights of Honor by Tempest



Created by Zoltán Papi